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View From the Enemy: Memphis at Houston

Rockets fans highlighted Conley's struggles.

View from the Enemy

Memphis played Houston for the third time this season. It was a wire-to-wire win for the Rockets who held a double-digit lead for a big part of the game. Conley was again a non-factor and his performance - or lack thereof - did not go unnoticed by the opposing fans.

Before the Game

Memphis started the season series 2-0 against Houston last year as well, and the Rockets won the final two games to even it up.

The Grizzlies have played incredibly well early in the season and reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The Grizz has maybe the best transition defense in the league and makes us play their game.

Hopefully Luc Mbah a Moute plays because we need to keep their bench from out scoring us.

If Chandler Parsons has another great shooting night, this can be a long game for the Rockets.

Rockets fewest points under D'Antoni the 90 they scored against Memphis here and the 89 had there.

During the Game

Three threes. Nice start.

Customary boos for Chandler Parsons. Not for me to say, but isn't it time to let that go?

Grizzlies second unit completely turned this around. Memphis 11 of 18 since Rockets 18-point lead. Lead down to five.

Parsons is looking so much better. Has hit two threes so far.

Getting out played by the Memphis bench right now.

Probably my least favorite team to play. Never enjoyed playing them. Always an ugly game to be played. Chalmers and Chandler also sucks and hurts the team’s image, in my eyes.

Harden just seems to get so much better every year.

Man, Mike Conley is bad today.

Gasol/Conley are a combined 7 for 22, which might explain why the Grizzlies rally but haven’t scaled the hump just yet.

Rockets finally beating this bum ass team. Annoying ass team.

After the Game

Watching people try to guard Harden is really depressing. The man can get any shot on anyone and can make any pass. What in the hell is a defense to do?

That slash on Memphis feels great.