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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Indiana

Pacers fans acknowledged Marc Gasol’s all around game

View from the Enemy

Memphis’s late rally against Indiana fell short and lost the third game in a row. Despite Marc Gasol’s great performance (35pt, 13reb, 5ast, 5blk), the Grizzlies could not secure a win at home. Mike Conley did not play due to an achilles injury. Memphis is now 7-7 in the season.

Before the Game

During the Game

Gotta take advantage of Conley’s absence.

Good 1st quarter.

I love it when we average 30+ pts per quarter.

I know it’s ‘just’ the Grizzlies, but a 67-point first half is still nice.

Grizzlies will not go quietly.

Gasol is so good...

Refs trying to give this one to Memphis.

Collison....taking full advantage of Conley being out!!

Why's Bojan dribbling around?

After the Game

"I actually thought it was good," said Pacers point guard Darren Collison of Gasol's final shot. "I was prepared to go to overtime."

Gasol enjoyed going to work on Turner.

Marc Gasol is such a great player on so many levels. BBIQ, leadership, clutchness, passing ability, defense. The only thing he lacks is enough appreciation IMO.

Unfortunately for them, Chandler Parsons doesn't seem to be same player he was with the Rockets after his injuries so they're losing a lot of cap space on him.