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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Houston

The point guard issues continue for the Grizzlies as the Rockets fans noticed Chalmers' struggles

View from the Enemy

Memphis collapsed defensively against Houston and lost its fourth game in a row. Despite a good run in the second quarter, the Grizzlies never managed to have the lead in this game.

Before the game

Mike Conley is out indefinitely. This figures to make Chris Paul’s comeback a little easier.

Mario Chalmers, likely to start, has played well against the Rockets.

Chris Paul had been put out of commission colliding with Mario Chalmers in our exhibition match. Coincidentally, I find Mario Chalmers to be one of the dirtiest players in the game not named Draymond Green.

Hope the refs call this game fairly. The Grizzlies get away with murder.

During the game

What is Capela thinking going one on one against Gasol???

Gasol with a T for kicking Capela's shoe away.

The Grizzlies’ announcers are trying to sell that Gasol kicked the shoe as a safety precaution lol.


Grizzlies with an outstanding 11-0 run. Almost all on what they have done very well with ball movement, execution. Cut lead to six.

Can someone fucking stop Parsons?

Grizzlies posting up Gasol big-time, causing Rockets problems.

Nice response Rockets.

We ball watch so much.

Harden schools Parsons.

I hope Evans is okay. He’s a baller.

Chris Paul is good at basketball.

With Conley out, Grizzlies have all kinds of trouble at the point when Chalmers sits.

Adios , Memphis.

After the game

I think that no one is going to beat the Rockets this season scoring 83.