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Grizzlies get beat at the buzzer 95-94 by the Mavericks

They deserved to lose.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies came into this game losing five straight and looking to get back on the right track with a win against the Dallas Mavericks. Mike Conley continued to be sidelined with a heel injury and Brandan Wright sat again with a groin injury.

The Memphis Grizzlies started the game out well, Dillon Brooks came out shooting the ball really well making several shots in a row. Chandler Parsons was having another good night with some post moves against a smaller Mavericks team. The defense from the Grizzlies was much better than it has been in previous games for the start of this game. The bench unit started strong as well, Deyonta Davis putting in some really good minutes. Tyreke was great in the first quarter proving offense that the Grizzlies really needed as Marc Gasol was struggling to shoot the ball.

The Grizzlies got the lead up to twelve in the second quarter behind a Chandler Parsons three. Deyonta Davis put in more great minutes for the Grizzlies, helping the Grizzlies extend their lead throughout the second quarter. Deyonta Davis had his best game as a Grizzly leading the team in scoring with 14 at the half.

Davis set really good screens and did a great job taking advantage of the guards when they attacked the basket. Tyreke Evans scored ten at the half behind a couple of threes and the Grizzlies got a lot of points from a lot of different players to put them up big after one half.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies started the third quarter very slow, the let the Dallas Mavericks getin to the lane with ease. Dennis Smith Jr. was carving the Grizzlies defense up in the first few minutes of the third. The Grizzlies were settling for three pointers and not playing defense, which allowed the Mavericks to get the lead down to six in the first five minutes of the quarter. Tyreke Evans was the Grizzlies only offense at times in the middle part of the third quarter allowing them to maintain a five point lead.

The Grizzlies continued to shoot three pointers even after being five for twenty one from behind the arc. The Mavericks came back from eighteen points down to make it a one point game with less than two minutes left in the third quarter. The Grizzlies had a disastrous third quarter giving up 18 point lead and letting the Mavericks regain a two point lead.

The fourth quarter started like the third ended, with really bad defense. Marc Gasol continued to struggle, shooting 2 for 10 through the first part of the fourth quarter. Tyreke Evans was the only hope for the Grizzlies hitting shots and creating turnovers. The Grizzlies defense was terrible in the second half and they committed a lot of unforced turnovers. Mario Chalmers committed three turnovers in four possessions. Even after playing that badly, the Grizzlies still had a chance at a win down only two with three minutes left to play.

The Grizzlies went back and forth next few possessions, Harrison Barnes hit shots to keep the Mavericks ahead. The Grizzlies had a great defensive possession but fouled on the shot giving the Mavericks two shots, but they missed them both. Marc Gasol promptly hit a three point shot to tie the game with thirty five seconds left in the game. Dennis Smith Jr. was put into an isolation situation with Dillon Brooks, the Grizzlies go the stop and let Tyreke Evans create his own shot. Tyreke Evans missed the layup, but JaMychal Green had a follow up dunk to put the Grizzlies up two with less than a second left.

The Mavericks had half a second, and the unthinkable happened. Harrison Barnes hit a three at the buzzer to give the Mavericks the win. The Grizzlies have now lost 6 in a row.

Memphis will try to stop the bleeding Friday against the Nuggets in Denver.