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The View from the Enemy: Memphis vs LA

The Grizzlies improve to 5-3 on the season as their three-point shooting and bench help beat the Clips

View from the Enemy

Before the game

Clippers Nations summed up who the Clippers are in this paragraph before the game.

The first couple of weeks of the Clippers’ season is probably a pretty good indicator of the way the rest of the campaign is going to go. The Clips should have no problem blowing past the dregs of the league, and we’ve already seen them thump also-rans like the Mavericks, Suns and Lakers. The league’s elite, as expected, will give LAC some fits. The Warriors, the only truly top-tier side the Clippers have seen so far, crushed them.

During the game

During the game, it wasn’t a whole lot better.

We look downright awful on both sides of the court. Doesn’t seem like we can beat decent teams even with home court advantage. That 4-0 start had my hopes up but now looking like the 8th seed type team I thought we’d be pre-season.

The offense looks beyond bad

After the game

Over at Clippers Nation, they concluded that:

The bench were badly outplayed, Griffin was excellent and that Doc Rivers continues to experiment.

Meanwhile, their game summary was succinct and said,

The Grizzlies simply worked their way open time and again, and unlike the Clippers, were able to convert on their opportunities. And that was basically the game.

Some other impressions of the Grizzlies after the game: