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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Portland

The Grizzlies rookie Dillon Brooks, former college player in Oregon, received a warm welcome and had a key performance in clutch time.

View from the Enemy

In a tight game, Memphis beat Portland for its seventh win of the season. Conley, Gasol, and Evans led the way while CJ McCollum had himself a night, finishing with 36 points. He missed a game-winning shot at the end of regulation, though.

Portland fans showed lots of love to Grizzlies rookie Dillon Brooks who played college basketball in Oregon. Brooks had two key plays in clutch time.

Before the Game

The Grizzlies have always been a team that The Blazers seemed to struggle with.

Fizdale has changed Memphis to a completely different defensive scheme this season. They are switching on most picks rather than staying with their man. They still play tough D, but very different from prior years.

Rebounding will be key. While Portland has been dominating opponents on the glass this season, Memphis comes in to tonight’s game ranked No. 23 in rebounding.

Nurkic will be key. Not only for his help defending Gasol, but hopefully he ware Old Marc down at the other end as well….

It's Memphis' bench you should be worried about.

We don’t lose to Spanish players.

During the Game

Couple of quick, silly fouls, and Nurk is already on the bench with 10 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

CJ McCollum is the only one immune to Brick Fever.

Another heartbreaker. My body can’t take these games anymore.

Think that's off Conley's hand.

Blazer ball!! Let’s go!!! A simple 2 wins!!

The heavens opened and a dove descended.

Come on #ripcity!!! You can win this!!!!

After the Game

That darn dove must have pooped on the ball mid-flight because the shot inexplicably came up a hair short.

Separation looked good, arc was fine, rotation perfect...but the ball just didn’t fall.

Could be worse, at least we avoided having Parsons on our team.

I really liked Oregon Brooks, but NBA Brooks is annoying. Reminds me of Pat Bev. His defense really impacted the game tonight.

Mike Conley, Tyreke Evans, and Mario Chalmers combined for 17-34 shooting and 48 points. Hold them just a shade below 50% and the Blazers win this one.

Honestly I really kind of wish we'd have found a way to get Tyreke Evans instead of Evan Turner. Tyreke is a good playmaker and ballhandler, better slasher, and actually learned to shoot the three this year--perfect for this team.

Dame and Nurk had 18 point between them. Not gonna win a ton of games like that.