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GBBLive Tonight: GBB’s Mark King on Gasol and the “Graceful Tank”

GBBLive logo big Andrew Millen

The Memphis Grizzlies are a mess right now. Is there anything that can be done to save the season, or is it time to "embrace the tank"? Hosts Joe Mullinax and Brandon Conner discuss that and much more on the latest episode of GBBLive with guest Mark King, GBB's Gameday Editor and a host of the 3 and D Podcast on the GBB Podcast Network. Listen to the show in the player below or via this link.

The guys will discuss what it’s been like covering this team with Mark, as well as the recent select media availability with Marc Gasol that brought some new light to Marc's mental state at this point in the season. The guys will finish up discussing what type of tank, if any, Memphis should go for as the season grinds on.

All this and more on the last episode of GBBLive for 2017! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on ITunes and follow us on Twitter @GBBLive! Thanks for listening all year long, we will be back on Thursday, January 4th.