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3 and D Podcast: Marc Gasol and more

Mark is finally back with a new episode of the 3 and D podcast. It has been a while, been busy with work and other life events, but it has finally returned.

Mark talks about the main problems with the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Marc Gasol summit. Marc Gasol said some weird things in the press conference and did not really provide a whole lot of answers even though saying nothing was off limits.

What does tanking situation look like for the Grizzlies? Will they even need to tank without Mike Conley? All that and more in the newest episode of the 3 and D podcast.

It's all on a new episode of the 3 and D Podcast! Follow us on Twitter @3andDPod and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode!

Thank you for listening and for following along with 3 and D all season long!