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The problem with trading Marc Gasol

Its not as easy as it seems

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol said he would never ask to be traded, but then in almost the same breath he said he would never let someone throw away a season. Basically he is here unless the Grizzlies start sitting in him in hopes to lose games, then all bets are off.

This topic has been discussed for what feels like forever, from social media to podcasts to radio shows and everywhere else in between. I have even talked about it at length on my podcast, the 3 and D Show. As much as everyone talks about Marc Gasol and what they should trade him for, what they might get, the mighty riches when Marc Gasol gets traded away for several first round picks and another player that can be a cornerstone for this franchise.

The problem with this logic? Marc Gasol can’t get you any of that. That’s the problem with trading away Marc Gasol to another team, what can you actually get for him?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol is a center that is aging quickly, and by his own omission he does not have many seasons left. He is a player that relies heavily on his three point shot to fall for him to be effective. He is a center that does not really have a great post game to speak of, and fades away even when people are not in front of him anymore. He is a player that has been notorious for being difficult to work with at times, and now Marc is being labeled as a “coach killer”, right or wrong. He is a big in the NBA that does not rebound all that well. Marc is someone that will get on players when they don’t play “the right way”. On top of all that, he has a huge contract that not just any team will be able to take on, or would be willing to take on.

Is Marc Gasol a good player? Absolutely. He can do things that a lot of players can not do, even at his age, but I am not sure that outweighs all of the negatives that every other executive in the league most certainly notices. Every general manager that the Grizzlies engage in trade talks for Marc Gasol will most certainly use that as a bargaining chip in their favor. The Grizzlies certainly think they can get more for Marc Gasol as well as most fans.

You should. Marc Gasol has been a part of the fabric of this franchise for so long now that it gets emotional. You get attached, but that is not reality. The reality of the situation is that Marc Gasol can’t get you want you want, at least not by himself.

At this point the Grizzlies will most certainly have to attach another player to a any Marc Gasol trade to get what they actually want, like a Tyreke Evans. This does not go over well especially for a franchise that thinks their star player should have more value than he does. Will the Grizzlies give up another player they also think has value just to get future assets in return?

They should. They should give up Tyreke Evans alone or in a package deal with Marc to get as many future assets in return as you possibly can, but they won’t. The Grizzlies will see getting more value by keeping Marc on the team in terms of what he can do potentially next year and saving face with the fan base after parting ways with both Tony Allen and Zach Randolph last summer.

That’s the problem with trading Marc Gasol, it has never been if you should trade or when you should trade him. The problem lies with what you can get for for Marc Gasol in return and once the Grizzlies learn that it’s not at all what they think they should get in return, the hesitation to pull the trigger on a trade becomes even bigger. They will justify it to themselves by saying that he is a bigger part of the franchise and has more value to them by being here than anything they could get on the the open market.

That won’t be true though. That won’t get you assets for the future that they so desperately need. Whether good or bad, Marc Gasol is probably here for the long haul.

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