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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Cleveland

The Cavs fans had to hold their breath until the end.

View from the Enemy

The Cavaliers did not want to believe the miraculous comeback by the Grizzlies that tied the game with minutes left in regulation. LeBron James took the team on his shoulders in clutch time and Memphis lost its eleventh game in a row.

Before the game

How mad is LeBron James at the Grizzlies for firing his good friend, David Fizdale as head coach? Mr. James is historically petty, and he clearly was not happy that Fiz lost his war with Marc Gasol for the soul of the Grizzlies. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him go scorched Earth in this game to prove a point.

Marc Gasol isn’t the typical bruiser at center. He won’t devastate Love in post-ups, but he’s still obviously a super effective player. This Grizz team doesn’t have much juice, but Gasol is capable of extracting as much value from them as humanly possible.

Tyreke seems to have transitioned to the starting lineup to shake things up. I expect our bench to feast.

This feels like a game that will be closer than it should be, but I’m open to being surprised.

During the game

Hot start for Memphis.

Gasol is tearing us to shreds…

Shaping up to be one of those low impact LeBron games. Come on, Bron. Take an energy drink and get engaged.

Bench Mob to the rescue!


I haven’t seen the Tyreke spin in years.

Blowout initiated.


Ha. Chalmers keeps getting stuck on LeBron. LOL

Gave up 30 in the third quarter. Not good.

Evans is having a night, isn’t he?

Suddenly this is close again? Come on…

Man what the hell is this?

6point game. Unreal.

3point game.

Andrew Harrison looks like Pete Myers but he’s playing like MJ.

LeBron taking over.