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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Minnesota

Grizzlies bench players like Ennis and Davis surprised Timberwolves fans

View from the Enemy

Memphis finally snapped its 11 game losing streak with a win against Minnesota. It was a tight game where the Grizzlies defensive effort during the second half paid dividends. The Timberwolves played the second game of a back-to-back.

Before the game

Good news for the Wolves: the Grizzlies have lost 11 games in a row and don’t have Mike Conley and they stupidly fired their good coach, David Fizdale. The Grind Father is gone. The Grit has escaped them.

Tyreke is the guy that scares me. Having a hell of a bounceback season.

During the game

The Jimmy Butler one on five offense is totally working right now.

We have to contain James Ennis or things will get messy.

Lazy Transition effort by backcourt = Griz Layup.

Jimmy is on fire.

KAT being soft in the paint leads to his foul trouble.

Grizz are not supposed to be good?

Wolves look really tired.

Wolves got outrun and out hustled in the first half, need to find some energy.

Thibs should start a "NBA Play 48" fitness program.

Nice shot by Brooks. He looked like a solid rotation player in Summer League.

Who is Memphis #21 and what is he doing with his hair?!

He's the MAN and he's doing IT.

Look how exhausted the starters are. Thibs is running these guys right into the ground.

I'm beginning to see why Chicago fired this dude...