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View From the Enemy: Warriors at Grizzlies

How did Dubs fans feel about the Warriors finally beating the Grizz?

View from the Enemy

So as Memphis Grizzlies connoisseurs, I’m sure we all felt some kind of way about being on the receiving end of the most dominant four-point performance in NBA history. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and the rest of the visiting Golden State Warriors enacted their vengeance on a Memphis team that had beaten them twice this year, toasting them to the tune of a 122-107 defeat, and doing it at FedExForum, to boot. That final margin is a bit deceptive though - at one point, the Warriors were up by 26 in the fourth quarter.

Coach David Fizdale got ejected after protesting a foul call. Green had the first-ever triple double in NBA history not to involve double-digit scoring. His grand point tally of 4 might not sound so intimidating, but when combined with his insane defense of four positions and his slash line of 12 rebounds, 10 dimes, 10 steals and 5 blocks.. well, it’s clear that the Michigan State University product sure made his presence felt on the floor.

But how did Warriors fans and scribes feel about their squad’s smooth showing? Let's grind.



First quarter

The quieter Splash Bro is getting called out for his, uh, smoke show:

Second quarter

Dub Nation getting hyped..

A great moment in Iggy footwork, captured:

Warriors beat writers are kind of trolling their dearth of shooters, no?

Third quarter

An unexpected (but, fine, pretty clever) Daniel Stern reference is made.

Only when the Warriors are playing the Grizzlies do their beat writers start to freak out about 17-point leads in second halves...

Fourth quarter

I’m always in awe of how humble Dubs (or at least non-Grizzlies, in the case of NBA Memes) fans can be when their team is doing well:

Salty retroactive fan thoughts on the KD tech, even though the Warriors won by double digits:


Chef Curry with the Tweet:

History was made.

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