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Five Questions with NetsDaily

Former GBBer Tom Lorenzo drops in to give us his insight into the Brooklyn Nets ahead of tonight’s game.

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Today’s guest for Five Questions is none other than Tom Lorenzo, current Managing Editor over at NetsDaily and former GBBer. Tom took some time out to provide us a little insight into the Nets ahead of tonight’s game. Check out what Tom had to say below!

1. We'll start off with the biggest question: Do you think the Nets will trade Brook Lopez? Do you think they should?

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I think they will attempt to trade him, as they've done so many times in the past, but I'm not sure that they will end up moving him. The asking price is two first round draft picks, which some teams (or most teams, maybe?) will see as too steep. Still, he's their best player, their best asset, and they are a team in need of replenishing their assets. The Nets won't trade Lopez for the sake of trading him, either. He's popular among the fans, among his teammates, among the organization; so it's not as if they feel like they need to move him. It's just that it makes better basketball sense to move him since this team isn't going to get good anytime soon, and the longer they hold on to him, the lower his value will get.

2. Right now, the Nets don't have their draft pick, and they've had a rough go of it so far. What would you like to see happen over the course of the season? Do you think it's a failure if they aren't able to make a trade to pick up some future assets to help toward the rebuild?

I think the Nets need to keep doing what they're doing right now - build a culture and determine who or what they have for the future, in terms of assets. They don't need to worry about winning or worry about losing for the sake of a draft pick. Those things have already been determined (they aren't going to win many games, and they’re going to hand the Celtics a top-3 pick). So right now they need to look to try and make a deal. A smart deal. And they need to continue to try and develop the young players, like Caris LeVert, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Isaiah Whitehead, and Spencer Dinwiddie, for example.

The "good thing" about the Nets is that they aren't in a desperate position where they are underperforming, or the fans don't know what this team is. Everyone knows what this team is; they are the worst team in the NBA. So, they can take their time in putting their plan into action and allow for things to play out. Unlike the old Nets regime, who was pressing every day to put a title contender on the court.

3. How much has Jeremy Lin's absence affected the team? Did you like the move of bringing him in?

NBA: Washington Wizards at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's affected them greatly. Not because he would have played this team into a title contender or even a playoff team, but because when you have a young team that's trying to learn on the basketball court, not having a veteran point guard who can run the offense or set and control the pace, is a bit of a struggle. The Nets surely could have used him for those purposes on the basketball court (noting "on", in that he has been a presence off the court while injured). I do think that it was the right move in bringing him in. Injuries happen and it's always unfortunate when they do, but this Nets team really needed a veteran point guard and Lin, at that price, made a lot of sense for them.

4. What have you enjoyed the most about watching this team this season? Are there any young players you've liked watching that we should keep an eye on?

I think watching the young kids develop is probably what I've enjoyed most, how they, and the veterans, have responded to coach Kenny Atkinson in -- excuse for using this borrowed term, but -- trusting the process. It's easy to hang your head when you're a historically bad NBA team, but the players have responded and know that there are plenty of tough times ahead. They just need to continue to work toward developing their game. Guys like LeVert, Hollis-Jefferson, and Whitehead have all had some challenges this season, but to continue to see them keep pushing and working toward improving their game, that's what's probably been the most enjoyable.

5. The Nets recently took the streaking Wizards to overtime. What can the Nets do to give Memphis fits in this game?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I think the thing the Nets can do -- and will look to do -- is give the Grizzlies a taste of their own medicine by being pesky and disruptive. They'll fall asleep for stretches and the Grizzlies will build a decent third-quarter lead, but the Nets won't give up. They'll continue to push and make the Grizzlies work for 48 minutes in the same way they made the Wizards extend a winnable game. So, expect to see the Grizzlies pull ahead to a nice double-digit lead, but watch for the Nets to still "grit-n-grind" their way back and make the Grizzlies work to close it out.

Special thanks again to Tom Lorenzo for dropping back by his old stomping grounds, and be sure to check out NetsDaily for his insight into tonight’s Grizzly opponent.

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