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Grizzlies vs. Nets GameThread

A much needed break is on the horizon.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is a grind.

That is not "breaking news". Most media outlets have run some story in the past about just how grinding and grueling the 82-game slate of basketball is on the minds and bodies of those who have to endure it. Player of course take on the brunt of these issues, but team personnel also has to go through the time away from families and "on the road."

Many of these folks are paid handsomely for their work, and of course they chose this line of work and knew what they were getting in to. But as the All-Star break approaches, and the Memphis Grizzlies take on the Brooklyn Nets tonight in their last road game before a nice full seven days off starting after Wednesday's game, we are happy for those who will get a chance to catch their breath.

That is, before the sprint to the postseason starts next week.

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Thanks as always to numberFire for our GameThread Game Preview. Go Memphis, beat Brooklyn!