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View From the Enemy: Grizzlies vs. Nets

A good win deserves a good view at how Brooklyn fans are feeling about Memphis.

View from the Enemy

The Memphis Grizzlies picked up a nice win on Monday night, defeating the Brooklyn Nets behind strong efforts from Mike Conley, Vince Carter, and Brandan Wright. Beating the worst team in the NBA should not bring about too many pats on the back, but considering how the Grizzlies have struggled to beat lesser competition in the past it is nice to see Memphis handle their business on the road.

Let’s relive the night through the eyes of the enemy, shall we? The following are actual comments/tweets from, the SB Nation NBA blog for the Brooklyn Nets, and their Twitter account.


I am a firm believer that we will get our tenth win this season.

Me too. It just won’t be tonight.

Since it's almost Valentine's Day...If the Nets want to get me anything they can get me a WIN. I think I deserve it. I’ve been loyal, I’ve been supportive, and I haven’t asked to be spoiled. I just want a win.

- still seems like a lot to ask for.

The Nets fans are all too familiar with injuries to key players, themselves. It isn’t like Jeremy Lin would make the Nets a playoff team, but his presence would surely make them more competitive.


Foye is one of the worst players I've seen...Since I saw Spencer Dinwiddie

Starting dimwidie and foye is like a practical joke

is it too soon to mention Billy King told me that he considered taking Chandler Parsons in the 2011 draft but went with Jordan Williams instead? Probably

Vince still balling out at 40 years old. What a player.

At age 40 Vince Carter would still be our best player.

grizzles are underrated

Gasol really is a good defender. It is just so tough for the Nets if they can’t get production from Lopez. And getting production against Gasol’s defense is so hard.

40 year old vince carter would be the 2nd best player on this team


Here’s to hoping things improve for our Brooklyn friends. Tom Lorenzo is a former site manager here at GBB, and the Nets struggling so mightily hurts us here...except for when they play the Grizzlies.

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