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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Indiana

Pacers fans enjoy their post-All-Star Break rout of the Grizzlies

View from the Enemy

Welcome back from the NBA All-Star Break! This game represented the first game of the 2nd half playoff push for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Indiana Pacers, yet it was the Pacers that came out with the win, 102-92. The Grizzlies were matching up well with the Pacers early, but Indiana got out to a double-digit lead at halftime and never looked back.

This View from the Enemy is brought to you by our good friends at the Indiana Pacers SB Nation blog, Indy Cornrows’ GameThread and various Twitter sources.


Some #BREAKING shoe news: Paul George’s signature shoe dropped a new theme to celebrate the Pacers’ “Hickory” throwback uni’s. Indy fans wasted no time relating it to Paul George leaving.

Imagine how great the purple and gold will look

Thaddeus Young made his return to the lineup for the Pacers, which got fans excited as the Pacers look to improve their playoff seeding.

A really cool sight to see before tip-off in Indianapolis: Paul George, who withstood trade rumors over the deadline, gets an enormous ovation from the Pacers crowd.

First Half

The game didn’t start out too hot for Indiana.

Rakeem Christmas entered the game, which is a rarity for the Pacers, so it confused Pacers fans. But his play quickly helped Indiana and dampened doubts. With Christmas on the court, the Pacers were able to cut the early deficit to just one point at the end of the first quarter.

And...Christmas is playing. Ok.


Nice rebound by Rakeem.

The Rakeem Christmas bandwagon is getting near full-capacity as we’re underway in the second quarter.

Christmas comes early!!!!

Something to be said for having a big man that can move.

Rakeem is so long

The 2nd quarter was a lot better for the Pacers than the first. Not only did Rakeem Christmas play well, but so did Monta Ellis, which was a pleasant surprise for Pacers fans.

Maskless Monta is good

Oh wow. I didn’t even notice monta had 14 points.

I refuse to believe this is the same Monta that I have wanted to trade since day 1.

The folks at Indy Cornrows had some general thoughts about the first half:

Paul’s been going at the rim in this one. Gotta like that.

Lavoy is making bunnies? It’s a whole new world.

This team is weird.

I still don’t believe what I just saw. This can’t be the Pacers.

Meanwhile, Smashmouth’s HOT basketball takes over the summer makes me wish this comment was referring to the band.

Once upon a time, I wanted Smashmouth to meet the Grizz in the Finals.

Second Half

Psh, and people say Chandler Parsons isn’t useful.

chandler parsons contract makes my happier about Monta’s and Al Jefferson’s...he’s turrible.

Meanwhile, the game gets worse for the Grizzlies into the 3rd. The 12 point lead after halftime ended up ballooning to a 27 point lead at one point.

Do this more often please, Pacers.

What got into this team over the break?

The Pacers should keep their star player out of the loop with their trade plans more often.

Meanwhile, Lavoy Allen put up a double-double in his first 16 minutes playing, because sure, why not.

At least Pacers fans are having fun during this.

Crap...If Monta played like this all seasons...

Too bad he didn’t do this before the deadline.

The Grizzlies started chipping away at the 27 point lead towards the end of the third quarter. The Pacers “only” lead by 21 at the end of 3.

Plenty of pessimism heading in the 4th for Pacers fans:

The wheels are coming off our bench again.

The lead was cut down to 13, but the Pacers were playing well and holding off the Grizzlies from completing the comeback.

Starters going back in with 9:41 remaining, up by 16. Well, PG, Young, and Turner

What a proud Dad moment. Awesome play by Turner

Turner DPoY!!!!

He’s always a little more athletic than I expect.

Pacers fans were excited about Thad Young’s great return to the starting lineup, and the energy he brought in the 4th quarter makes it easy to see why.

Man Thad is crucial to our success. What a work horse!!! We definitely missed his energy over the losing streak.

Overall, the Pacers fans were happy with this game. It was a convincing win for their squad and there was excitement at the end of the game, considering how desperate the trade deadline could have been for them.

I really dig this version of the 2016-17 Pacers

Heh. That +/- really flip-flopped from the first half.

50 Rebounds. Have they reached that before during this season?

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