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Grizzlies vs. Thunder GameThread

Just another reminder that David Fizdale is the man.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

When blame goes out, it starts at the top. At least it should.

The same should be said for credit being given when credit is due. And while Mike Conley and Marc Gasol have been terrific and deserve praise, the man leading the charge of the organization on a day-to-day basis on the floor should be commended as well.

David Fizdale has changed these Grizzlies for the better. They are offensively more viable. They are defensively less predictable. They are more versatile, more willing to adapt, and more able to embrace their roles than they have been in recent memory. The players deserve the credit, and any coach worth his salt will deflect praise off him him towards them.

But Coach Fizdale is to be commended. A few more wins here and there, and Coach of the Year discussions should be raised for the first-year head man.

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Thanks as always to numberFire for our GameThread Game Preview. Go Memphis, beat Oklahoma City!

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