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Episode 2 of “You Like Hoops?” with guest Matt Hrdlicka

Host Chase Lucas’ guest this week is GBB Senior Writer Matt Hrdlicka!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In episode two of “You Like Hoops?” Chase is joined by Matt Hrdlicka of Grizzly Bear Blues. The guys talk about Vegas, discuss the role of luck in building an NBA team, and (GASP) whether they experience sports differently post-election. “You Like Hoops” is designed to be a show where you get to know the writers and folks who cover/follow/are fans of the Memphis Grizzlies- it is no place to simply “stick to sports”. You get a unique look at exactly who it is you’re reading on GBB or elsewhere, or who you are following on twitter- a chance to put a true voice to a name or handle.

For suggestions, questions, or mean comments you can email Chase at You can follow Chase @deepfriedcouch and Matt @theRealHrdlicka on twitter. You can also follow the show @youlikehoops

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