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Grizzlies vs. Hawks GameThread

Are you the West's Atlanta Hawks? Or are they the East's Memphis Grizzlies?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The comparisons are fair.

Underappreciated All-Star level talent? Check.

Extended run of playoff appearances? Check.

Limited playoff advancement? Check.

There's a lot to connect between the Memphis Grizzlies and Atlanta Hawks. And those similarities are often the subject of debate- is it better to be a team like Memphis and Atlanta- competitive but not contenders- or is it better to try to be as bad as possible and "tank" to rebuild? The Process can lead to numerous cracks at winning the NBA Lottery...but it can also lead to cracks in the foundations of fan bases due to prolonged losing.

Tonight, two competitive teams in recent NBA history square off. Two consistently good squads, led by talented players who fly under the radar, take the floor. ESPN and others may not notice...

But for the most part, two appreciative fan bases will.

Be sure to not post illegal streams in the comment sections. Also please be respectful of those also in the thread.

Thanks as always to numberFire for our GameThread Game Preview. Go Memphis, beat Atlanta!

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