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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Milwaukee

For Bucks fans, it was the night when Carter disguised as Jordan and Curry.

View from the Enemy

At the age of 40, Vince Carter filled in for Chandler Parsons last night and he came up big! He had 24 points and led the Grizzlies win as the Bucks fans witnessed the veteran's great performance with frustration. The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Milwaukee Bucks SB Nation Blog Brew Hoop GameThread.

The game

Tony Allen returns to the starting lineup.

The Grizzlies may be better without Parsons.

Memphis won’t continue to shoot this well, but neither will Snell.

Win streak ending. No D, no rebs

Memphis about to expose this flukey win streak.

Memphis has its fair share of scarcely recognized players. Just another example of what coaching can do to get the most out of even the most limited players.

Their bigs are just dominating ours.

Vince Carter wth!!!

Mike Conley is overpaid as hell, but he’s the type of point guard that the Bucks need to find as a starter

Kidd really has no idea how to use Teletovic, lol. Running him out there against Randolph?

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