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Episode 4 of You Like Hoops? W/ Guest Kevin Lipe

Let's Get Grumpy

Winnie The Pooh Receives A Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In Episode four of “You Like Hoops?” Chase is joined by Kevin Lipe, formerly Site Manager of Grizzly Bear Blues and now of the Memphis Flyer.

Chase and Kevin share stories from the year they spent together in fifth grade. Chase explains how Kevin shattered his faith in humanity at the age of eleven. Kevin details how he became the Grizzlies writer for the Flyer by way of GBB. The guys also discuss everything from losing fandom, heartbreaking sports moments, and the challenges that face the Memphis Grizzlies organization in years to come. Of course they also discuss their reputations as big twitter grumps, or “Eeyores”.

For suggestions, questions, or mean comments, you can email Chase at You can follow Chase @deepfriedcouch and Kevin @flyergrizblog on Twitter. You can also follow the show @youlikehoops.

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