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Grizzlies vs. Bulls GameThread

Fifteen games to go. No more being weighted down. Time to sprint to the finish.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies no longer have Chandler Parsons holding them back.

They no longer have the weight of Chancun on their shoulders.

Now is the time to sprint to the finish line.

The Grizzlies are in Chicago tonight to take on the Bulls without their 6'10" with a ratchet max contract wing on the active roster due to a partially torn meniscus. Whether or not he can come back this season is more than likely irrelevant now- the question in the immediate future is, how much better will Memphis be without trying to ease him in to the lineup?

The Bucks game was promising, but it was against a team that needed a six-game winning streak just to get a game away from .500 and was 12-17 on the road for the season. Starting tonight in Chicago, and through the next few days against the Hawks and Spurs, we will get a better feel for how the race to the playoffs will finish in Memphis.




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Go Grizzlies, beat the Bulls!

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