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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Chicago

The Grizzlies made it two in a row thanks to “another dud 4th” by Chicago

View from the Enemy

It has been a shaky few days in the Memphis Grizzlies universe, with five losses in a row starting on March 4th. 10 days later, on March 14th they broke their streak against the Milwaukee Bucks and did the same against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night.

Chandler Parsons is down and the Grizzlies are looking for his replacement with reports suggesting they would sign Omri Casspi, but no matter how frustrating it might have been to be a Grizzlies fan for the last couple of week, it is a season sitting in purgatory for the Chicago Bulls.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Chicago Bulls SB Nation Blog Blogabull Hoops GameThread.

Before the game

There is Fred Hoiberg looking rather nervous, and why not. The folks over at Blogabull think it’s time to fire the coach and gave a detailed account as to why right here. Actually, it is an entire organizational problem.

During the game

Things got worse for the Bulls

Do you really want to see this s***show in the post season?


I seriously think I can shoot better than MCW.

Even Dwayne Wade, Chicago hero is not immune.

Confusion on defense, too.

After the game

funk is just employee #391 in the org

praying that nobody notices he has no idea what hes doing.

And then this..

Too bad we don't have the actual Celtics' players, FO and coach instead of just their uniforms.

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