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View from the Enemy: Atlanta vs. Grizzlies

The Grizzlies made it three in a row on Thursday night against the Hawks

View from the Enemy

The Grizzlies made it three in a row last night thanks to a triple-double from arguably the best center in the league right now in Marc Gasol. He had 18 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. Tony Allen had 10 points, six rebounds, one assist and two steals in a typical TA performance straight out of the Grindhouse! Things are looking good again in Memphis with the playoffs fast approaching.

The sit seventh in the west and just one game out of fifth, a spot the LA Clippers currently occupy.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Atlanta Hawks SB Nation Peachtree Hoops GameThread.

Before the game

The guys over at Peachtree Hoops were trying to convince themselves they would win this one.

They weren’t convinced, however, with the Hawks after a few days off.

Meet the Sleepy Hawks!

The fans at the arena deserve at least an apology tonight. What a p.o.s. performance.

During the game

Here is a very good summary of what the Hawks’ fans saw..

It the Sleepy Hawks. No energy or any visible sense of urgency. Everyone is static and not moving on offense. Maybe the Hawks wake up before it gets too late. Hardaway taking terrible shots and wasting possessions. No one else is shooting well either.

And this one was too encouraging either

This one is all on the Hawks too. I don’t think Memphis is doing anything special. The Hawks have just declined to run the offense tonight. It’s been a night of random bad shots. We have five individuals out there.

And it didn’t get a whole lot better than this

After the game

The Hawks fans were slightly sleepy too and a little unconvinced of their team on Thursday night.


The paying fans wasted their money tonight

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