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View from the Enemy: Boogie Cousins goes nuclear on the Grizz

The Grizzlies’ four-game winning streak comes to an end thanks to Boogie Cousins

View from the Enemy

All good things must come to an end and the Grizzlies four-game winning streak ended on Tuesday night against the Pelicans in a relatively low-scoring game; 95-82.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and New Orleans Pelicans SB Nation site The Bird Writes GameThread.

Before the game

Pelicans making a push...

During the game

The Pelicans continued to make it hard on themselves.

But had Boogie to bail them out

Cousins has literally lifted the team on his back tonight. Gentry would be wise to give him a few minutes of rest while we have built a lead.

And having the Brow doesn’t hurt either..

After the game

They can’t get enough of the Boogie praise..and understandably so..

As a team they missed a lot of paint points in the first half. The defense carry over. It was nice to see Boogie ABUSE Gasol tonight. And that 21 to nothing run in the 3rd was truely sweetttttt. Great home stand.

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