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View from the enemy: Spurs stick it to the Grizzlies

Spurs get revenge for Grizzlies last two victories over them

View from the Enemy

Just five days ago, the Grizzlies handed the Spurs a 96-104 loss and the Spurs vowed to return that favor when they played in San Antonio on Thursday night. They did just that to make it three wins in a row for them, while the Grizzlies are 0-2 in their last couple of games.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and San Antonio Spurs SB Nation Pounding The Rock GameThread and various other online places that discuss the Spurs.

Before the game

Spurs fans were having flashbacks of the last game and hoping it would have a different outcome.

Tony Allen is playing tonight. Hope Kawhi can get going against him moreso than last game.

And while they were hopeful of what Popovich’s roster could do, they also secretly hoped for some divine intervention from the greats.

Darn, I was hoping they were like a Jack and the beanstalk kind of thing, where they’d grow into some sort of magic vine and a giant Timmy or Boban would climb down and join the team in time for the playoffs.

During the game

The Spurs were into their groove early

Little bit of a late start for me tonight. Not for the Spurs, I see.

Vince Carter’s last hurrah was impressing many on the Spurs’ side.

Carter seems to some of his better games against SAS.

And also

Man I love Vince but I hate him doing this to us all the time lol

The Gasol brother rivalry never really took off either, sadly.

We would always back Marc in this, by the way! It’s where the safe money is.

And while the Grizzlies came back, they were still optimistic.

We can do this, we can win this.

After the game

And rightly so....

It was nice for them to see what Kawhi would get in the playoffs, if we meet them.

These last few games have been a preview of what teams are going to throw at Kawhi. A ton of double teams as soon as he catches the ball.

Spurs need other guys to really produce like today.

The people over at Pounding The Rock were impressed with how their team looked after the ball.

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