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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Golden State

No one wants the Grizzlies in the playoffs!

View from the Enemy

It was not an easy night for the Warriors and their fans. They had to wait until the fourth quarter to seal the win against a Grizzlies team that competed well even if they did not have Marc Gasol.

What it is evident at this stage, it is that no one wants Memphis in the playoffs. They have given fits to the Spurs, Warriors and Rockets during the regular season and their fans fear a potential match-up.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Golden State SB Nation Blog Golden State of Mind GameThread.

Before the game

Memphis is one of two teams that have beaten Golden State twice in the regular season in the last two years.

Gasol has played an important role in the past three contests between the teams, and the Warriors one win came in no small part due to limiting the center to 17 points on 28.6 percent shooting.

The Gasol-ZBo-Memphis bromance is one of my favorite NBA stories. Moreover I just like that Memphis has decided that they have an identity as a bruising, grinding team and they’re not going to succumb to the allure of pace and space. Styles make fights and while the Grizzlies always give us fits, I think the contrast is fascinating and always among my favorite games on the schedule.

Gasol will sit out.

First half

Not responding well to the Grizzlies ball pressure.

Randolph >> Ewing

Warriors defense getting pushed around wherever the Grizzlies want them. We’re getting punked out there and I hope they adjust in the 2nd half and start moving the ball and slicing up the defense.

This is a type of game having KD would really help.

This is why I don’t want Memphis in the playoffs. They play tough and slow. It's always a grind against them, if you want to win you’ve got to beat them for all 48 minutes.

Second half

Klay and Iguodala do it all!

David Fizdale likes those momentum stopping TOs so much he’ll call one if the Grizzlies go on a 6-0 run.

Conley is absolutely torching Steph. He always plays so well against us


There it is Steph. Doing the Curry.

Dagger achieved!

After the game

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