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View From The Enemy: Rockets Decimate Grizz

And Rox Twitter Loves It

View from the Enemy

Last night, your Memphis Grizzlies fell in a three-point scoring barrage against Mike D’Antoni and James Harden’s Houston Rockets. The Rockets took 42 triples, making 18 (42.9%), whereas Memphis took 28, converting just 8 (28.6%). That’s a 30-point difference right there. After a fairly even first half, things got... (ahem) grizzly for Memphis when James Harden started going insane. Former Rocket Chandler Parsons had... 2 points on 1-of-5 shooting. Daryl Morey does not miss his knees or back.


Daryl Morey is in Beantown today. More occupied with chatting up WOJ et al.

The Dream Shake, SB Nation’s Rockets page, is a stoked corgi right now:

CP concludes a back-to-back (his first of the season in Memphis) against his old Texas stomping grounds, as chronicled in... the Houston Chronicle. Sort of sad how they note that Parsons has been booed on the home floors for all three of the NBA teams he’s played for, but there’s no need to cry for him. Because, you know, he’s making $94 million.

First Half

All Star vs. All Star in a battle royale on that switch.

Not looking too shabby entering the break.

Second Half

The third quarter was when the Rockets pulled away. Maybe it’s not such a coincidence that The Beard himself was so involved in all the buckets for most of the period.

Not a stellar turn from that much-ballyhooed Grit ‘N’ Grind defense down low tonight.


The Rockets have officially become a Daryl Morey wet dream. And it totally works.

The Dream Shake is hyped about Eric Gordon’s record-setting night (most trey’s made off the bench in NBA history for a season). But I think they just jinxed his health down the stretch. Go Grizz.

“GOAT stats?” As in Greatest Of All Time? What? “MVP stats,” sure. BUT NOT GOAT STATS. NEVER GOAT STATS UNTIL HE PLAYS DEFENSE.

Oh thanks Red Nation Hoops. RUB IT IN. Would you like our hearts as well? You’ll find them on the bottom of your shoes.

So really, tonight’s massacre was all Paul George’s fault.


Clint Capella sounds like he just woke up from a nap. Only his sweat betrays the truth.

Oh, and this. This also betrays the truth.

At the end of the day, I think the most imperative takeaway from tonight is that, sometimes, ballers gonna ball. Harden’s not the GOAT. But he’s the MVP.

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