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Grizzlies vs Nets GameThread

A homestand is hopefully just what the doctor ordered.

Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies are 14-13 in their last 27 games.

That's only slightly better than mediocre. And that's not acceptable to David Fizdale, as he said in his pregame availability before tonight's tilt against the Brooklyn Nets. He's not wrong, of course- middle of the road just won't cut it in the rough and tumble Western Conference.

So what must be done? Is a lineup shake-up coming, starting tonight? Will the starters stay the same but rotation patterns will shift? Or will Coach Fizdale scorch the earth and perhaps begin bringing Tony Allen, JaMychal Green, or even Chandler Parsons off the bench?

Perhaps anything is on the table as Memphis enters a home stand that will stretch over four games. That's a week at home, a week of practice and comfort to try to find their way before the schedule picks back up again. Let's hope they use it well.

Thanks as always to numberFire for our GameThread game preview. No illegal streams, no disrespectful commenting. Go Memphis, beat Brooklyn!

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