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Episode 3 of You Like Hoops? IN-STUDIO w/ Guest Peter Edmiston

That’s Jason Mantzoukas. He’s not on the Grizzlies.

'How To Be Single' New York Premiere Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

In Episode three of “You Like Hoops?” Chase is joined by Peter Edmiston of Sports 56, the Commercial Appeal, and the Locked On Grizzlies podcast.

The guys talk at length about sports media, Twitter, and what it’s like to cover the Grizzlies. They also get into non-sports podcast recommendations and their favorite follows from Grizz Twitter. Peter dispenses advice about covering teams and tells us about the difficult parts of doing a daily Grizzlies pod as opposed to a radio show. The guys finish by presenting their divergent philosophies on blocking and muting on twitter dot com.

For suggestions, questions, or mean comments you can email Chase at You can follow Chase @deepfriedcouch and Peter @peteredmiston on Twitter. You can also follow the show @youlikehoops.

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