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GBBLive Tonight: The Memphis Fighting Fizdales, 2017 NBA Playoffs Grizzlies-Spurs

Join us live on BlogTalkRadio for a new podcast tonight at 8 PM CT!

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The Memphis Grizzlies have about as much momentum as a team down 0-2 in the 2017 NBA Playoffs can have. Will it translate in to a win or two in the friendly confines of FedExForum? Hosts Joe Mullinax and Brandon Conner discuss that and more on the latest episode of GBBLive! Listen to the show in the player below starting at 8 PM CT or via this link.

After the guys break down Head Coach David Fizdale's rant, they will welcome fellow GBBer Matt Hrdlicka on the podcast to talk potential adjustments the Memphis Fighting Fizdales can make at home and if any of this newfound energy matters in the long run in this series. Joe and Brandon will also welcome Quixem Ramirez of SB Nation's Pounding the Rock blog to talk about how much missing Tony Allen is hurting Memphis and how nervous (if at all) Spurs fans are heading in to Games Three and Four.

All this and much more on the latest episode of GBBLive, sponsored by Grizz Essentials! Follow the show on Twitter @GBBLive and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on ITunes.