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Full Recap: Memphis outlasts San Antonio 110-108

Coming into last night’s game, the Grizzlies were down 2-1 in the series.

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After game 2 on Monday night, Memphis fans were unsure of what to expect. The Grizzlies had had two discouraging losses in San Antonio and were down 2-0 in the playoff series. Playing against the Spurs and being in this spot seemed eerily familiar.

Then, Fizdale’s rallying press conference, due to which he was later fined by the NBA, happened. “Take That For Data” shirts were worn Thursday night in the Grindhouse, and every time that Coach David Fizdale was shown on the screen people cheered. Fizdale had given Memphis something to cling to. Then, the Grizzlies came out Thursday night and put on a show for their home crowd. Now, it seemed that Memphis fans really had some hope.

In the first quarter, the Grizzlies got off to a decent start, but the Spurs got off to an even better one. With less than 4 minutes left in the quarter, the Spurs jumped up 5. With less than 2 minutes remaining, the Spurs had doubled that. It seemed that the Spurs were taking hold, but Memphis wouldn’t roll over. The Grizzlies responded with a run of their own and cut the deficit to 3 going into the second quarter. Kawhi Leonard was off to his usual start with 9 points, but Mike Conley had 9 points himself for Memphis.

During the second quarter, the Grizzlies’ momentum that they had gained at the end of the first quarter carried into the second quarter. A JaMychal Green three pointer tied the score up at 26, and Memphis proceeded to take the lead. Andrew Harrison played some decent minutes in the second quarter offensively, and he had 5 points at the half. A Vince Carter three put Memphis up by 4 with 7 minutes remaining in the half, and three pointers really gave the Grizzlies a boost in the first two periods. At the half, Memphis led San Antonio in this category, 7-4. Also, the Grizzlies had 10 fastbreak points, and the Spurs had 0. The Grizzlies maintained a solid lead, but the Spurs kept things close and trailed Memphis 55-51 at the half. Leonard had 15 points, and Tony Parker had 14. For Memphis, Mike Conley had 14 points, and Vince Carter had 11.

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

In the third quarter, the Spurs slowly but surely regain some momentum, and Memphis displayed some sloppy play. Going into the fourth, Memphis had 14 turnovers to the Spurs’ 7. Also, the Grizzlies started to allow the Spurs to take control in the paint. San Antonio had 34 paint points to Memphis’ 24. However, Memphis maintained enough momentum and shot well enough offensively to lead 74-71 at the end of the third quarter.the Grizzlies started to allow the Spurs to take control in the paint. San Antonio had 34 paint points to Memphis’ 24.

A Troy Daniels three pointer from deep gave Memphis a 79-71 lead at the beginning of the fourth. Memphis led by 10 with less than 7 minutes remaining, but the Spurs came roaring back. It then became the Kawhi Leonard show as he took over the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. A Leonard bucket put Memphis down 2 with 12 seconds remaining. Then, a clutch Mike Conley floater tied it back up with 4.5 seconds remaining, and the Spurs were unable to hit a buzzer beater.

So, we were headed into overtime.

During overtime, both teams wrestled for the lead. With 3 minutes left, the score was tied at 100. A Marc Gasol and-1 put Memphis up 103-102 with 1:30 left, and a Mike Conley bucket soon followed to give them a 3 point lead. After Memphis went up by 4, the Spurs made a three to cut the deficit to one. However, Andrew Harrison made a couple clutch free throws to extend it back to 3 again. Kawhi Leonard came back down and made a 3, so Memphis and the Spurs were tied up at 108 with 7.2 left. Marc Gasol won the game for Memphis with a clutch bucket with 0.7 seconds remaining, and Memphis pulled it out in FedExForum, 110-108.

Mike Conley Vs. Kawhi Leonard

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard played like a true All-Star tonight versus the Grizzlies. On the night, he had 43 points, 6 steals, and 8 rebounds, and he had a plus-minus rating of +18. Most importantly for the Spurs, he took over the game in the final 5 minutes of regulation and carried his team into overtime. However, his efforts alone weren’t enough to overcome Memphis down the stretch.

On the other side, Mike Conley came in clutch for Memphis. Although he’s never been named an All-Star, he definitely has played like one all season long and proved that again last night versus the Spurs. In the match, he had 35 points, 8 assists, and 9 rebounds. When Memphis needed him most, he made a clutch floater to send the game into overtime, and he continued his strong play in the final minutes of overtime. On the big stage, Mike Conley is showing out and proving he’s up there with the other elite players in the league.

Grizzlies Dominated In Fastbreak Points And On The Boards

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

While Memphis struggled with turnovers (they had 23 while the Spurs had 10), the Grizzlies made up for this in other areas such as fastbreak points. They led in this category 26-9, and this really slowed down the Spurs’ offense. For the Grizzlies, this gave them confidence and sped up their offensive rhythm.

Besides fastbreak points, the Grizzlies dominated the boards, which was crucial to last night’s win. Memphis crushed the Spurs in rebounding, 51-37. The leaders on this front for Memphis were Mike Conley (8 rebounds), Marc Gasol (12 rebounds), and Zach Randolph (11 rebounds). Both teams had limited second chance points (Memphis had 9 and the Spurs had 10).

As a side note, the Grizzlies also won in three pointers made, as they had 12, while the Spurs had 9. The Grizzlies did the little things tonight, which added up to a big win.

Grizz Tie Up The Series, And The Belief Is Real

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hope (noun)-A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Belief (noun)-An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

Coming into last night, Grizzlies fans everywhere were filled with hope. Thursday night had given fans something to cheer about, and everyone felt there was a chance. But the Grizzlies had to win Saturday night. They just had to...Or that hope would be dashed.

Well, after Saturday night’s huge win, that hope has been replace with belief. Memphis fans now believe that Memphis can win this series. It’s not just a feeling. It’s not just a desire. It’s an acceptance that it’s true. It’s confidence in the team.

It’s Believe Memphis.

Now, the Grizzlies have a couple days off before going back to San Antonio Tuesday night. The Spurs were surely mad after Thursday night, and Saturday night’s overtime loss surely fired them up even more. But clearly Kawhi Leonard going off for over 40 points isn’t enough for the Spurs to beat the Grizzlies, when Memphis is playing at its prime. Tony Parker played better last night than he did Thursday night, as he had 22 points. But for Memphis, bench players like Andrew Harrison stepped up. Down the stretch, he had clutch free throws and an enormous block. Other key players like Vince Carter came up huge with 13 points, as well as JaMychal Green, who had 14 points.

Now, Memphis has tied up the series 2-2 and will face the Spurs Tuesday in San Antonio. One thing is for certain: Memphis has proven that it deserves respect in this series, and they’re try to shock the world again Tuesday night.

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