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View from the Enemy: Grizzles survive Spurs in overtime thriller

Grizzlies tie the series and give Grizz fans plenty to cheer about

View from the Enemy

That one had to hurt Spurs fans. I know because I am comparing it to how happy Grizzlies fans felt!

This is turning into quite the rivalry too, which is never a bad thing. Ever since Coach Fizdale’s rant that cost him $30,000 (or cost his players as they agreed to pay) they are 2-0 and look like a team on a mission.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and San Antonio Spurs’ SB Nation Pounding The Rock GameThread.

Before the game

Spurs fans knew they needed Kawhi to show up..

if kawhi’s gonna shoot 66 percent from the field then we gotta find a way to get him more than 13 shots a game

They also didn’t really feel as though they needed a victory before bringing it back to San Antonio... guess you got your long series!

Must win game for the Grizz.

Spurs do not have to win here, but this turns into a LONG series if they dont.

During the game

It was fun..

Manu vs Carter?

This should be fun, they are a combined 98 years old.

Another interesting take

Kawhi is too good to shoot like Westbrook. But Kawhi could use some of Westbrook’s mentality about taking over.

After a good Spurs start, Grizzlies started to heat up and the crowd was right behind them.

This line up is a disaster so far

Bad quarter so far. Good grief.

And it was around the same time that this happened that we all felt like this...the place was rockin’

One of those mysteries I guess.

How the hell are we losing to one of the most non-offensive talented teams in the league? Pop just put Kawhi on Conley and take him out of the game. I remember when I wasn’t even worried about the Grizzlies back in 2015 and 2016.

This will not help you win games

Spurs can’t score. Who would’ve thunk.

After the game

How about that for data? Kawhi Leonard had an awesome night but could not put the Grizzlies to bed..

There is plenty for Spurs fans to consider after that loss and maybe a few cracks appearing in the Spurs’ belief?

And that was the end of that! See you here next Tuesday...

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