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View from the Enemy: Grizzlies Fall to Spurs in Game 5

The Grizzlies could not win three in a row, giving the Spurs the advantage in the series

View from the Enemy

The Grizzlies traveled back to San Antonio on Tuesday night and lost to the Spurs 116-103 after scraping to make it 2-2 in the series.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and San Antonio Spurs’ SB Nation Pounding The Rock GameThread.

Before the game

Spurs fans were feeling optimistic.

I’m hoping for one of those "Wow, the SPURS really do have the best bench in the league!" kind of games!!!

And why not? It was Tim Duncan’t birthday yesterday

Hi everyone, hope that the Spurs will bring home the W for Timmy’s birthday.

And laid out their expectations for the game. They don’t mind the Kawhi show but would prefer it to be a more fair and balanced approach.

I’m excited and ready to see what the Spurs bring tonight. I love Kawhi but I’d rather see multiple double figure scoring from 3-5 dudes than him dropping 40. But if both scenarios together happen thats cool too.

Go Spurs Go!!!

And they had plenty more questions that we were promised would be answered too

Does Kawhi have another masterpiece in him?

Does Manu score in the series?

Will Bertans play more then 8 minutes?

These questions and more answered in the next two hours right here on PTR gamethread

During the game

Kawhi was being Kawhi.

Everyone should schedule this tweet:

While they waited, and waited, for Manu.

Manu’s finished —> An overreaction.

Manu’s back —> An overreaction.

The needle is somewhere in between

It would seem, however, that based on stats, the Grizzlies never stood a chance..

Game 5 Manu is a real thing apparently. Game 5 Pop is real too. Did y’all know that Pop is 5-0 in game 5s in the first round when it’s 2-2?

After the game

Remember they said they wanted help for Kawhi. They got it in the form of Patty Mills, who had 20 points.

And that was all she wrote from San Antonio as the Grizzlies try to bring it back level and force a game seven on Friday night in Memphis.