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Out-of-Towners, We Matter!

I am a Grizzly fan away from Memphis, but I WILL NOT BE SILENT!

NBA: Playoffs-Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Memphis Grizzlies: this is for you. Well, actually I am specifically talking to fans that are not in the city of Memphis. I live in Indianapolis, so my best chance to view the game is from my couch. I wish I could be there tonight, and every night, in the Grindhouse, but unfortunately, it shall not be so. It will be a special atmosphere, similar to the feeling of Game Three.

But I want to call out the fans that won’t be attending the game. We are just as important as the fans in the arena.

Our eyes should be on the TV, iPad, smartphone, whatever you use to watch it (or maybe ears tuned into the radio for those going old-school). Put your fingers to work while you’re watching and interact with fans on Twitter and Facebook. There is a huge community of Grizzlies fans just like us online, and we are important to this game.

As a fan that lives out of town, I carry a sense of pride with me everywhere I go. Sitting on my couch watching tonight’s game, I’ll be throwing that pride all over my social media accounts. I know the players and coaches aren’t seeing my comments during the game, but growing the Grizzly fan base through any means available is necessary for this team.

One of the beauties of this Grizzlies team that we love so much is that it has created such a tight-knit group of fans. The fans have taken hold of this team and carried their passion for as long as the Grit-N-Grind era has been alive. It’s Game Six tonight, a must a win. I’m not ready for the off-season, and I’m not ready to lose to the Spurs again.

So tune in tonight. Cheer on our Grizzlies, use caps lock on Twitter dot com, and make sure all your followers know which game you’re watching.

I’m too excited for tonight’s game, and I would also mention that I am optimistic for tonight. For all the out-of-towners, we matter!

The game is airing at 8:30 CT on TNT. Follow @sbngrizzlies on Twitter for game updates.