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Grizzlies vs Spurs Game 6 GameThread

Remember tonight.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is one of those nights.

You don't get them often in sports. Hell, you don't get them often in life. But through the glass or in front of you from afar, you are about to see something truly worth remembering.

The Memphis Grizzlies and their Grit and Grind Era are uncommon. They won't be remembered as an all-time NBA team. They likely won't be known for multiple Hall of Famers, or a Hall of Fame coach. But those who were there, those who watched, those who lived the moments as a fan...they will remember.

One way or another, tonight is one of those nights. Either this unlikely group of Grizzlies extends this series somehow to a Game 7, or it is perhaps the end of the most successful era in Memphis Grizzlies basketball history.

Set the DVR. Take pictures if you're there. History is likely about to be made.

Thanks to numberFire for our GameThread Game Preview. Please be respectful in the GameThread and also do not post any links to illegal streams here or anywhere on GBB.

Go Memphis, beat San Antonio!

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