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Grizzly Bear Blues is Hiring

Want to be the next great GBBer? Here’s your chance!

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The time has come to once again add to one of the best staffs in all of NBA bloggerdom!

GBB is ready to grow by bringing in some terrific new folks to its roster, but this time it isn’t just writers we’re looking for. We are also asking for folks to apply for Associate Editor positions! These two jobs will assist me in the day-to-day operations of the site, and will have a role in helping me determine the direction of GBB. The Associate Editor positions are posted on SB Nation’s job site. Check out the job requirements and apply here.

On the writer side? Not much has changed from my post this past January, which you can read here. In fact, I’m going to copy and paste from that post and put it here for our writer search, since it’s relevant to the Associate Editor gigs as well. We are offering:

  • An opportunity to work with the absolute best staff in Memphis Grizzlies blogging (I am a bit biased). No disrespect meant to the many others who do good work, but the quality of work and the quantity of work combined that the 15 or so GBB staffers produce speaks for itself. Our podcast network is expanding, our social media footprint is growing, and you can be a part of that development.
  • An opportunity to write for a site which is part of one of the largest sports site networks out there, SB Nation.
  • An opportunity to have your work promoted not just to a local audience in Memphis, but to a national and even international audience.
  • An opportunity to, through hard, thoughtful, work, eventually expand your role on the site and become an editor, or podcaster.
  • An opportunity to grow as a writer technically through game coverage - whether it be previews, recaps, report cards, this is where most writers get their professional starts, and this type of coverage is the lifeblood of GBB.
  • An opportunity to develop your own voice as a writer in features, where you can focus on X’s and O’s, the NBA Draft, or whatever your own personal experience with basketball and the Memphis Grizzlies dictates.
  • An opportunity to advance. Kevin Lipe, a former GBB Site Manager, now works at the Memphis Flyer, a local newspaper, and runs their acclaimed Beyond the Arc blog and podcast. Tom Lorenzo is another former Site Manager for GBB who now runs the Brooklyn Nets’ SB Nation Blog, NetsDaily.
  • An opportunity to get even more writing opportunities. Jonah Jordan, a former GBB writer, is now the lead writer at 247Sports for the Memphis Tigers. Other writers like Andrew Ford, Kevin Yeung, and Chip Williams have had the chance to write for Hardwood Paroxysm, The Step Back, and Today’s Fastbreak. These are just some examples of folks who have used the platform GBB provided them to expand their writing reach.
  • An opportunity to make appearances on other forms of media. GBBers have been on Middays on Sports56WHBQ in Memphis, The Geoff Calkins Show on 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis, The Pick and Popcast with Chris Herrington of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, ESPN True Hoop After Dark, and other radio shows and podcasts. Great work gets recognized at GBB.

So, are you interested? Here’s how to start the process.

  • If you haven’t already, become an SB Nation member and join the GBB community.
  • Email me at with your resume (if you have one) and work samples (if you have them). If you have neither, simply email me with why you want to join GBB. I will respond to everyone, regardless of resume/work sample submission.
  • While I take applications the next two weeks, write some FanPosts! This is an especially good idea if you don’t have a resume/writing samples, so I can see you “in action.”

Apply for the Associate Editor job and to be a writer, if you would like! I will take the next two weeks to review applications, and the interview process will begin June 14th. Happy job hunting!