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Chris Wallace Pre-Draft Press Conference Takeaways

Chris Wallace talked to the media prior to Thursday’s draft to preview what the Grizzlies plan to do over the summer.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in his career, Chris Wallace doesn’t have a draft pick with the Memphis Grizzlies prior to draft night. It didn’t phase him in talking to the media on Monday about Memphis working out young players and possibly getting into the mix Thursday night, however.

Despite the fact that Memphis lacks a draft pick this year, the Grizzlies are still in the conversation regarding Thursday night according to Wallace.

“It’s constant phone conversation the last week of the draft,” he said.

According to Wallace, he knows teams who might be willing to move their second picks, so that might open up the right opportunity for Memphis to jump in.

On one hand, the Grizzlies don’t necessarily need a pick on Thursday with their loaded roster and mix of young players.

“It’s the biggest volume of guys we’ve had in the rotation,” Wallace said regarding Memphis’ current roster construction.

Although the Grizzlies might get in the mix, Wallace said he was fine with Memphis staying on the sidelines on this one. Part of this might be due to the fact that Memphis has a loaded roster in terms of younger players, and the Grizzlies now have their development team, the Memphis Hustle, to help with up-and-coming players.

With the Summer League now approaching, drafted players like Jarell Martin will get to showcase their game.

“It’s a big year for all our young players,” Wallace said.

Also, Wallace talked about how the Grizzlies plan on signing Serbian forward Rade Zagorac this season. Reaching contractual agreement is all that’s standing in the way of Rade joining the Grizzlies, per Wallace.

“Rade has terrific size,” he said. “He can play both forward positions.”

In addition, Wallace talked about Memphis wanting to work out former Memphis Tiger Austin Nichols, but they haven’t been able to due to issues with his foot.

“We’ll work him out once he’s healthy,” Wallace said.

However, the Grizzlies in general aren’t working out a lot of players right now with the lack of a draft pick for Thursday night. In terms of Memphis’ mentality for the draft, they’re still preparing like any other year.

“[We’ll] wait and see. We’re preparing,” Wallace said. “We don’t control exactly where we come in at.”

This upcoming draft night isn’t particularly exciting for Memphis fans at first glance, but anything can happen on Thursday night, and the Grizzlies’ front office will be ready to dive in if the right opportunity arises.