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Chandler Parsons Surprises Youth Basketball Clinic

Parsons is spending the day going through basketball drills with children of Memphis

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The children at a basketball clinic in Memphis today got a nice surprise before their play began.

Chandler Parsons showed up at Memphis Athletic Ministries to meet with the children and help develop their basketball skills.

This is a very nice move by Parsons and a great PR decision by the Grizzlies to help facilitate this visit. Taking the time to connect with the city is important in Memphis, a place where the basketball and the people feel as intertwined as anywhere.

Chandler Parsons has been an easy target for fans’ ire due to his on-court performance (even some kids in the video above had words for him!), but off-court events like this are important to make that connection. Also, children get to hang out and play basketball with an NBA player. That’s always awesome.

I do have to say though, Parsons missed an opportunity here to assert dominance. If he had swatted every shot in sight and posterized a couple of kids, it would really show Memphis who’s boss. But I guess being nice to the kids works, too.

Also, shout out to Site Manager Joe Mullinax, who said these types of things would help Memphis and Parsons both back in May here.

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