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Episode 7 of You Like Hoops(FOOD)? w/ Chef Kelly English

We back y’all.

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo Tries To Keep Animals Cool During Heat Wave Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

It's the offseason and that means instead of hoops, we are doing You Like _____? In this case that blank is filled in with FOOD. in YOU LIKE FOOD? Host Chase Lucas & Kelly English (Chef/Owner of Second Line and Restaurant Iris) talk all things food. Listen in the player below or via this link.

They discuss changes in food culture, many aspects of the Memphis food scene, and Kelly breaks down the contoversial and often mistold story of his resrtaurant not accomodating Tony Parker's request for a table. This episode is full of restaurant reccomendations in Memphis AND BEYOND!

For suggestions, questions, or mean comments, you can follow Chase @deepfriedcouch and Kelly on Twitter @Kelly_English. You can also follow the show @youlikehoops.

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P.S. The Persian restaurant Kelly references in the podcast is Al-Rayan. He couldn't think of the name on the spot but we wanted to shout them out!