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Trade “Rumor”: Marc Gasol has fans in Boston

Chris Mannix of The Vertical reports two league executives see a fit in Boston for Marc.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mannix of Yahoo’s The Vertical recently posted about what comes next for the Boston Celtics after Gordon Hayward agreed to join them in free agency on the 4th of July. Somewhat not surprisingly, the name of a Memphis Grizzly was mentioned in the article. Here is the blurb about Marc from the piece, which you can read in full here.

That probably depends on who is available. The trade market for stars has momentarily dried up. One player worth keeping an eye on, two league executives told The Vertical: Memphis’ Marc Gasol. The Grizzlies lost Zach Randolph, Tony Allen could be next out the door, and if you were filling out your Western Conference playoff bracket today, Memphis probably wouldn’t be in it. Would the Grizz move the 32-year-old Gasol for a ready-made rebuilding package of players and picks? Would Boston – which has to be wary of putting together a team that would beat Cleveland but still get pulverized by Golden State – be interested? Again, worth watching.

It would be a massive, sweeping move for Memphis to go from Core Four to Army of One (hopefully featuring Chandler Parsons), and this is the lightest of rumors in that it does not specifically mention Boston reaching out the Memphis, or vice versa. Even if it were actively being discussed (it is barely a legitimate rumor, much less an actual possibility at this time), Boston is notorious for giving...less than ideal trade packages for stars, and Gasol would command a lot of salaries of starters (Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder) and at least two good (Memphis’ own 2019 first and the 2018 heavily conditional from the 76ers), or one great (2018 Brooklyn), first round pick from the Celtics. The Grizzlies would be wise to accept nothing less, and Boston will likely say “thanks, but no thanks” considering value for Marc probably can’t/won’t be matched by the Celtics.

But Randolph is Sacramento bound. TA removed any and all Grizzlies-related things from his Twitter bio. If both walk, and the Grizzlies Front Office looks through the roster and the rest of the Western Conference and decides it cannot compete at a meaningful level (make the playoffs), any and all options should be on the table. Memphis most certainly should not trade away Marc Gasol for any deal that comes along.

A fine line is being walked, and emotions are high among Grizzlies fans right now. While all avenues to prepare the team for a future without the Core Four should be explored, the organization must make sure it is making decisions with plans to reinforce their vision. A young-for-the-NBA fan base is hurting after likely losing two icons, and a potential (currently hypothetical) Gasol trade if it were to occur better have a good return. If not, the ramifications could be felt beyond the court and in to the box office/bottom line of ticket and merchandise sales.

We’re a long ways away from that still. But the landscape is ever-evolving, and if this offseason isn’t quite going how the Grizzlies had hoped? Anything can happen.

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