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GBB says thank you to Z-Bo

Our staff has some words for one of Memphis’ greatest.

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Site Manager Note- #50 for the city is heading west.

You likely already know that Zach Randolph is signing a contract with the Sacramento Kings. I have already had the opportunity to wax nostalgic on all that Z-Bo means to Memphis - you can read my goodbye to Zach here. But members of our staff wanted to have their chance to say thank you and good luck to Randolph, and so did many fans on social media.

So this post is dedicated to the greatest Memphis Grizzly of all-time. I hope you fully understand how much this city and fan base appreciates what you’ve done and how much you will be missed.

Brandon Conner, GBB Associate Editor

There are not enough words to adequately thank Z-Bo for everything he’s done in Memphis. He transformed the team into a playoff contender on the court, but made an even bigger impact off it with contributions that went beyond the game of basketball. He’ll be sorely missed in the Bluff City.

When he returns next season, he deserves the biggest standing ovation in history, and when he finally hangs it up, the Grizzlies should retire his jersey on the spot (a statue on Beale is optional, but highly recommended). Best of luck in Sacramento, and give Blake Griffin hell in California.

Grace Baker, GBB Game Coverage Editor

Zach Randolph inspired me and others not just on the basketball court, but off it as well. He helped build the foundation of the "Grit and Grind" era, and there have been so many memorable moments that he's been a part of in Grizzlies playoff history that I've gotten to witness as a fan or a writer. Writing about him and getting to watch him over the years grow and represent the city of Memphis has been unforgettable. Thank you Z-Bo. The Memphis Grizzlies and the city of Memphis will never forget you.

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Jack Noonan, GBB Associate Editor

Zach Randolph wasn't just a favorite player for fans of the team, he was the favorite player of a whole city. Memphis is a city which feeds off the Grit and Grind and that was exactly what ZBo brought to the team. He was the lifeline to a consistent, dominant era of Memphis basketball. His contributions will never be forgotten. The city of Memphis thanks you ZBo. You'll be missed.

Ross Jarrar, GBB Staff Writer

The Memphis Grizzlies were but a blip on the map until Zach Randolph legitimized this team. The series-clinching 3 against San Antonio is one of my fondest memories as a fan of basketball. From 0 playoff wins to a conference finals appearance to signing max free agents. Zach Randolph was the straw that stirred the drink. He will always be more a part of Memphis than a part of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Brandon Abraham, GBB Staff Writer

Thank you Z-Bo for the many memories in your time here in Memphis. Personally, my most fond memories are the rivalry with the Clippers you helped create. Thank you for punching, choking out and talking that ish to Blake Griffin every opportunity. Thank you for bringing the Memphis community together whether it was on the court with your blue-collar style of play and off the court with your many donations to the community.

You may have only been a Grizzly temporarily, but you'll forever be a Memphian. Thank you Z-Bo.

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McCarty Maxwell, GBB Staff Writer

Zach Randolph is one of the first players I can remember wanting to watch consistently. He quickly became a staple in the Memphis lineup, and more importantly, the Memphis community. I remember having to look up his stats from his previous teams, I didn't recognize his name and couldn't figure out why he was so good. But Z-Bo made a career on being the underdog, he used his heart and mind to overpower opponents.

He is probably one of the last bigs in this modern NBA to have a successful career being undersized and underappreciated with a true post-up game. And that's one of the reasons why we love him. He is Memphis in the flesh. Zach Randolph represents what us Tennesseans are about, and we couldn't have asked for a better face of our culture.

Mark King, GBB Video Editor

Thank You, Zach Randolph

Relive some of Z-Bo's greatest Memphis Grizzlies moments in our video thank you to #50 for the city.

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