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Check out the 3 and D Podcast!

Grizzly Bear Blues newest podcast!

At Grizzly Bear Blues we are always trying to bring you the latest and greatest content on Memphis Grizzlies basketball. We try to have people talking and writing about Grizzlies basketball every day of the week, with that we are proud to introduce the newest piece of Grizzly Bear Blues content, the 3 and D podcast.

The 3 and D podcast with Mark King, GBB video content producer, and Joe Walters, GBB rookie, is all about the NBA. We will spend the beginning of each show talking about the latest and greatest news in the NBA, then the rest of the show dedicated to the Memphis Grizzlies. During the season we will be recapping games, breaking down wins and losses, and hopefully getting you important post game audio (cause you know there will be an awesome sound byte).

We will introduce new segments like the funniest thing we saw this week, our weekly mailbag, game previews, and more. For now the show is once a week, but after the season starts, we will move to a bi-weekly format. The best part about the podcast so far? We are already on Episode 5, so you can binge listen to the first 5 episodes!

You can follow the podcast for news and information on twitter @3andDpod and you can subscribe in iTunes! We will post every new episode right here on Grizzly Bear Blues as well, so you have no excuse not to download and listen. Enjoy!