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Grizzly Roster Rankings: Middle of the Pack (6-10)

The GBB staff ranked the entire Grizzlies roster. Here are our continued rankings.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday our very own @ballfromgrace revealed the bottom third of our GBB poll rankings. The method to our madness is listed below. Today, I will reveal our 6-10 ranks. Just bear with me.

Per @ballfromgrace:

To come up with our rankings of the Grizzlies roster, we polled nine writers, who ranked every player from 1 to 17. Players were then ranked based on their average. Writers were allowed to make their own assumptions regarding health, since we can only speculate in the cases of Chandler Parsons and Mario Chalmers. For simplicity (and also to make this ranking a little more cheerful), JaMychal Green was included. Ivan Rabb, who just signed, was not.

10. Troy Daniels

Average Rank: 10.0

Highest Rank: 8

Lowest Rank: 13

Well, what can I say? Troy Daniels is an elite shooter. Troy Daniels is a bad defender. His career can be summed up by those two statements. He had a handful of high-scoring games this past season before the All-Star break, and those high numbers outshined his bad defense. But once teams and, for the most part, the general public fully realized what a bad defender he is, they exploited him.

The opposition learned that the easiest way to keep Daniels from scoring is to exploit him on defense, which will keep him off the floor. There may not even be a spot for him on this roster with added ball handlers and decent shooting. If he has improved from just a 3-and-no-D player, he may find a few scrap minutes.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

9. Brandan Wright

Average Rank: 8.9

Highest Rank: 6

Lowest Rank: 11

Brandan Wright seems to be a potential fan favorite. He is the leaper of this team, if you can claim we have one. Most of his baskets come from above the rim but he has been overshadowed by Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and JaMychal Green. With one of those gone, and the others presumed to be starters, he may get the bulk of the bench minutes. He also is a more agile, mobile PF/C player that will fit well into this “new” Fizdale system. Look for him to have a more prominent role on this year’s team.

8. Ben McLemore

Average Rank: 8.1

Highest Rank: 6

Lowest Rank: 12

McLemore is currently injured, he won’t be available for a few weeks after the season starts. It’s hard to discuss what his role will be because he has been inconsistent in Sacramento, and also his position will be filled for the first month of the season. He can shoot, handle (kind of), and finish at the rim, so there is definitely a spot for him on this roster. But based on his rank in this list, he won’t be a featured scorer on this team. His history as a player doesn’t give Grizz fans much hope for the future, but the good thing about wild card players is that things could also go unexpectedly great. Fingers crossed.

7. Wayne Selden

Average Rank: Wayne Selden

Highest Rank: 4

Lowest Rank: 11

Of all players on the Grizzlies roster, Selden may be the one with the most hype coming into the season. He grabbed the spotlight in the Summer League and even held his own through last year’s playoffs. He is definitely trending upward in terms of on-court play and contribution. Though he ultimately struggled in his first season, he showed moments of electric quickness and average shooting.

He could end up being the starting shooting guard if he shows enough in training camp, but if not, he will be one of the first players off the bench. Selden is a good weapon to have because he can play multiple positions on the wing, so his utility will definitely be taken advantage of.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

6. James Ennis

Average Rank: 6.9

Highest Rank: 5

Lowest Rank: 10

To be honest, I am surprised James Ennis is ranked this high. He has the size to be effective, but just seems to be a tweener is terms of his role in the NBA. He is a career 37% three-point shooter so he can space the floor on offense, but if he is going to play the small forward position, he will have to guard players like Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson. That’s not a good matchup. He isn’t known to handle the ball all that well, but he can rebound and compete as a stretch four if needed at times.

To look towards his playing time in a more positive light, he did emerge as a solid contributor in the playoffs last year and didn’t make too many significant mistakes. Though I do see him having a role on this team, I see it as a small one and just to give Tyreke Evans, Chandler Parsons, or Selden a break.

Check back tomorrow for the final 1-5 rankings by GBB Site Manager Joe Mullinax.

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