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3 and D Podcast Episode 6

The Strangest Episode Yet

The latest episode of the 3 and D podcast is ready for consumption! Joe and Mark have one of the strangest podcast's to date. A lot of things happened this week with the Grizzlies that cant be explained, at least by either one of us. They talk about three things they know nothing about and a couple more that only make a little sense for the Grizzlies.

The guys also talk about whats going in the NBA with Kevin Durant’s Twittergate, Kyrie Irving’s weird First take interview, and start a new segment, the best of the week.

It's all on a new episode of the 3 and D Podcast! Follow us on Twitter @3andDPod and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes so you never miss an episode!

Thank you for listening and for following along with GBBLive all offseason long!