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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Denver

"For once Wilson Chandler was not the worst player on the floor tonight. That was Ben McLemore."

View from the Enemy

After a great start of the game and the Grizzlies leading by 15 points, the collapse happened again during the second half. Memphis was only able to score 31 points in the third and fourth quarters combined and Denver took advantage.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Denver Nuggets SB Nation Denver Stiffs GameThread.

Before the game

Gary Harris is out tonight for Denver.

Got to come out firing early and put Memphis away as early as possible. We need to break this recent trend of starting very poorly and always playing catch-up.

Last thing we need is to be stuck in a low scoring grind against the Grizzlies.

During the game

Hopefully Barton finds that 3 stroke again.

Gasol is getting lebron calls this game.

The Grizzlies on a 15-0 run.

We are playing 4 v 5 in this game. Plumlee can’t stop Gasol on the defensive end, and has brought his usual mediocre game on offense.

This Jokic at PF thing is really deserving of getting fired.

4 points down is doable. Jokic is going to have a good 2nd half. For real.

Tie game!

Lyles being asked to guard Gasol was not something I was expecting.

Jokic - gets physical back - gotta do it all the time.

Look at what happens when you let Jokic play his actual position.

The 4th foul on Plumlee was a blessing for us.

Good thing Memphis is terrible.

Everytime Jefferson has come in, the Nuggets have gone on a bit of a run. I think, like Millsap, his ability to play positional defense really helps.

Griz falling apart.

Pretty brutal game. Thankfully it was againt MEM.

After the game

Well we scraped out a win against a worse team. A win’s a win.

For once Wilson Chandler was not the worst player on the floor tonight. That was Ben McLemore.

Great job by RJeff and the bench mob.

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