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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Los Angeles Lakers

It wasn't the best game to watch if you are a Lakers fan

View from the Enemy

On MLK day, Memphis beat the Lakers in a productive offensive night. The Grizzlies pulled away in a 37-point third quarter with significant contributions from the bench.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Los Angeles Lakers Silver Screen and Roll SB Nation GameThread.

Before the game

Ingram and Ball are questionable.

The Lakers could be holders of a five-game winning streak if they can sneak away from Memphis with a win.

Memphis is a slow pace team but very good half court defensive team so can’t get so many iso’s need stops and runs.

During the game

Defense isn’t there for the Lakers in the early going.

Those Grizzlies jerseys are clean tho. Respect.

If someone sends a twitter to Memphis FO, reminding them about tanking, we might still win this.

Giving up 34 points in the first quarter to the Grizzlies without Conley is pretty pathetic.

This team without Lonzo and Brandon is unwatchable...

Man, we really have a problem in the PG position. And who we got? GARY F*ING PAYTON II.

Lakers showing some heart third quarter. Down to four.

We were close a couple of times just choked it away...

Can’t even hate on Deyonta Davis for that.

This is why Lonzo is the Rookie of the Year. His impact on the Lakers is ridiculous, we’re trash without him.

What am I watching...Payton comes in and the Lakers cut the lead under 10. There’s a chance!!

At least we fought.

After the game

The streak is over. Of course it ends on a night that Lonzo doesn’t play.

Ugly loss. God awful defense. Showed a little life in the 4th which I appreciated.