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GBBLive Podcast Preview: The T-Word, Keeping Bickerstaff

Lots to discuss this week.

GBBLive logo big Andrew Millen

The dreaded “T word” is dividing the fan base of the Memphis Grizzlies. Is it tanking if you don’t mean to do it? We talk about that and much more on an all-new episode of GBBLive! Listen to the show record live on BlogTalkRadio at 8 PM CT or catch the archived podcast by pushing play on the player below, or by visiting this link.

Hosts Brandon Conner and Joe Mullinax welcome Greg Gaston of Sports56 WHBQ in Memphis back to the podcast in this week’s episode. The guys break down the logistics and logic of the tank, the passionate arguments on either side from the fan base, and how the current state of things in the Grizzlies organization could impact what moves (or lack there of) will occur between now and the trade deadline, as well as beyond.

That, plus a Mandara Designs giveaway, on the latest GBBLive podcast! Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on ITunes so you never miss an episode!