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Tyreke Evans trade rumors are heating up

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Tyreke Evans is the name everyone is talking about today

NBA: Washington Wizards at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We are about a week away from the NBA trade deadline and the rumors are swirling about today.

Just a few hours ago, Marc Stein tweeted that the Philadelphia 76ers are interested in trading for Tyreke Evans. He said both teams are staying put in their stance as of now:

This should be a positive sign that the Grizzlies front office is holding strong to the idea that Evans is worth a first-round pick. Over the past two weeks, feelings were that the Grizzlies may not be able to get that for him. Hopefully, they will stay to this price and negotiate it around the league.

Chris Herrington then reported that he thought the only way the Grizzlies got a first rounder is if Philly could dump a contract in the deal as well.

A deal with Memphis getting Jerryd Bayless and PHI first round pick for Tyreke Evans and Brandan Wright would be a fine return. Bayless has 2 years left at 9 million dollars per year which would not break the bank for the Grizzlies given their situation. Plus, Memphis needs to get any return they can on their expiring deals.

Another trade partner we have seen getting more steam as of late is the Boston Celtics. Ronald Tillery had a vague tweet the other day about Tyreke being sent to Boston

The “not confirmed” part could be said about anything, but Tillery has more sources than most with the Grizzlies. He must have heard something.

Either way, it has picked up more momentum today on Twitter with Bill Simmons gushing over the possibility of him going to Boston. He was even open to the possibility of offering a first round pick (their own) AND Marcus Smart/Terry Rozier for Tyreke. The Grizzlies should take that offer in a heartbeat.

Evans would be the bench scoring the Celtics need and could play off-ball with Rozier leading point. Boston should be leading the charge trying to trade for Evans given the playoff situation they are in. GM Danny Ainge is crafty though, so the Grizzlies and Chris Wallace (ex-Celtics GM) need to keep their guard up.

With all these rumors, one thing is certain. The Grizzlies are actively shopping Tyreke Evans which everyone should be relieved to hear. Hopefully, the front office will make the best possible move for the future of this franchise.

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