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GBBLive Podcast: Tyreke Evans, we hardly knew ye

The value of moving Tyreke and more will be discussed on the first GBBLive of 2018!

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Tyreke Evans is the MVP of the Memphis Grizzlies halfway through the season. His reward for his high level of play? A likely ticket out of Memphis within the next five weeks. Hosts Joe Mullinax and Brandon Conner talk about that and much more on the first episode of GBBLive of 2018! Listen to the show in the player below or via this link.

Joe and Brandon will welcome GBB Associate Editor Jack Noonan on to the show to talk about Tyreke Evans and just how good he has been for the Grizzlies. Memphis probably cannot afford to keep him, where would be a good fit for Tyreke, and what should Memphis expect in return via trade?

That and so much more on the next episode of GBBLive! Listen as we record live at 8 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio, or listen to the podcast whenever you want on ITunes! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @GBBLive, thanks for making GBBLive a part of your GBB experience!